Strong in detail … tracking the whole

Wind energy converters are heavily loaded structures, much more that bridges or helicopters. In order to tackle the challenges related to large loads that moreover appear for more than a billion cycles, competence and know-how is required. Windrad Engineering matches both. Being an independent consultant for wind industry for many years we represent experience and innovation. In all cases we keep track of the whole picture and immerse ourselves into details to come up with the best solutions.

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May 2018

The distinction “Innovative through research 2018/2019” of the German Stifterverband […]

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April 2017

In the Islamic Republic Iran, Wind energy is increasingly contributing […]

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June 2016

To conduct a Feasibility Study Windrad Engineering GmbH receives financial […]

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May 2016

The distinction “Innovative through research 2016/2017” of the German Stifterverband […]