Projects of Windrad Engineering GmbH

    Since 2002 Windrad Engineering has conducted more than 300 projects of different sizes, onshore and offshore, national and international. We would like to mention some representative projects here:

    ~ 10 complete design of wind turbines, from small to multi-megawatt
    ~ 100 Lastberechnungen
    – Modeling and aeroelastic simulation for very different configurations – horizontal/ vertical, upwind/ downwind, gearbox/ gearless,
    – Controller optimization
    – Design and dimensioning of all components/systems
    – Structural optimization of all main components, such as foundation, tower, machine frame, hub, nacelle shell
    – Documentation of all necessary strength and stability analyses
    – Specification of all components and systems for suppliers and certification
    – Feasibility studies and research projects, expert opinions
    – Measurements, e.g., vibration measurements and their analyses
    – Documentation for certification

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