Componets and systems

Windrad Engineering can develope almost all main components in-house. These are, e.g., hub, shaft/axis, machine frame, generator frame as well as mechatronic systems such as pitch and yaw including locking devices.

We support blade design by structural analysis and our broad knowledge basis. Besides standard gear box solutions, Windrad Engineering is able to design a compact direct drive turbine with generator integrated into the complete design. This requires also mode and deformation analysis to secure a minimal air gap. Electrical design is delivered by our customers.

We have special expertise in tower design, generally speaking, support structures, including offshore support structures. Site specific and cost effective design of tubular steal towers is realized with our highly advanced in-house tools. Windrad Engineering offers expertise in very high towers through concept studies and own research.

Windrad Engineering has designed a large number of nacelle covers and spinners, even more have been analysed for structural stability.

Also for difficult or unseen challenges customers can rely on experience and skills of the Windrad Engineering teams.


Modern actuator modules for the  pitch system including dynamical feed back in our simulation environment allows us to design a custom-fit  pitch system. Concerning yaw systems we rely on standard solutions with roller bearings and brake systems, but we also design suitable slide bearings with mit matching friction pads.

Selected tasks completed by Windrad Team for components/systems


  • Front end engineering design of a 90 m blade using cost-effective advanced composite lightweight material including structural proofs
  • Integration of electrical system, lightning system into blades of different sizes, technical drawings
  • Detailed design and engineering of application to rotor blade tip to improve energy production
  • Detailed design and engineering of blade extenders to improve energy production
  • Layout and execution of a blade fatigue test
  • Optimizing rotor design according to given target functions (costs, loads, energy production)


  • Detailed design and structural analysis of cast/welded hubs
  • Detailed design and structural analysis of composite hub cover/spinner
  • Lay out of pitch drives and pitch system


  • Structural proof (ultimate and fatigue) of bearing housing, main frame, low speed shaft
  • Redesign of yaw system and machine frame, optimization for given target function
  • Drive train analysis according to regulations in guidelines, eigen frequencies, excitation frequencies, mode shapes, Campbell diagrams, classification of crossing, time domain simulation to identify critical frequencies and run-up features
  • Structural proof of yaw assembly
  • Lay out of yaw drives and yaw system


  • Structural analysis of generator rotor and stator based on wind loads and electrical loads
  • Modelling of lamination stacks and proof of material properties

Support structure, Tower

  • Detailed engineering and design of tower top flange including structural proofs according to IEC, DIBt and/or Euro Code
  • Detailed design and engineering of door opening, flanges, bolts, shells and top flange including ultimate loads, fatigue loads, vortex induced vibrations, brittle failure, Campbell diagram
  • Detailed engineering and of cast/steel adapters for concrete/steel interface of tower/nacelle
  • Tower extension for particular wind turbines to increase AEP
  • Validation and layout of hybrid tower, in particular calculation of pretension and frequency check
  • Design of foundation base can

Equipment, Tools

  • Design and structural proof of a mounting frames for fatigue tests of blades
  • Design and structural proof of a crane boom to be used for lifting generator components

Bolts and intefaces

  • Lay-out and structural proofs of all bolts present in a wind turbine
    • blade bearing
    • hub flange
    • bearing housing, machine frame
    • yaw bearing
    • tower
    • foundation anchors
    • and many more