Compared to on-shore, in order to develope off-shore wind energy converters or structures, all processes have to be reconsidered. To be sucessful in tackling the technical and logistic challenges,  safety requirements and stability, availability and life time issues, and last but not least identification of differences in cost models, experience and competence is required.  Hence, Windrad Engineering is able to support you in all relevant development processes and in particular in following issus

  • Concept and  complete development, e.g.
    • Gearless or gear box WEC
    • Costs and Production
    • Risk analysis
  • Consideration of waves, flow, ice drift, seaquakes in the load calculation, in particular for large support structures
  • Design and analysis of machine and support structure
  • Cost models, CAPEX, OPEX
  • Logistic requirements
  • Choice of partners and suppliers