Customized software development for wind turbines

Windrad Engineering has developed several software tools that are utilized for pre and postprocessing and simulation as well as analysis of measured or simulated data. Some of them may be purchased. A few are listed below.


This software is developed  for statistical load extrapolation according to IEC guideline. GumbelWind is for post processing of loads and allows a more reliable and eventually less conservative determination of ultimate design loads. Features are:

  • Peak-over-threshold methode with adaptive threshold
  • Bin-wise approximation of short time distributions
  • Use of distribution fuctions according to  IEC 61400 Ed. 3
  • Generation of long time distributions for a given wind class
  • Determination of parallel loads based on statistical analysis
  • Quality check with proven algorithm in addition to IEC convergence criteria


Our full aeroelastic simulation code for load caclulation of wind energy converters is continually kept up-to-date. <more on R&D page> 



cPdata is a software to calculate the aerodynamical charateristic curves of a rotor, e.g. power and thrust. It is integrated as a modul in the simulation code SiWEC.



Node2Damage is a modern and reliable tool to analyse damage according to the methode of cutting planes. It combines results of ANSYS® structural analysis directly with the complete time series of the load caclulation without utilizing damage equivalent loads.


This tool analysis a complete drive according to latest guidelines utilizing the degrees of freedom of  gear box, generator, coupling etc.


This is a powerful tool for design, analysis and optimization of towers including flanges, in general support structures of wind energy turbines. The graphical user friendly interface allows quality assurance. In addition, monopiles can be designed by incorpating proper p-y curves.