October 2020

A “digital twin” is a computer-generated replica of a real, existing physical entity such as a wind turbine.

The englisch translation of the title of the R&D project is “Concept and design of a cyber-physical system for the holistic development of wind turbines” (WindIO). The project covers a period of three years having a total cost volume of 3.1 million euros, wherein 2.1 million euros are funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the frame of 7th Energy Research Programme of the Federal Government named “Innovations for the Energy Transition”.

Windrad Engineering is an associated partner of the consortium and responsible to ensure that the “cyber-physical” system under investigation actually represents a real wind turbine. To this end, we contribute our long standing experience from more than 100 simulations of wind turbines and our in-house simulation tools, such as SiWEC that will be further advanced.

Major objective is to achieve reliable predictions for operation and lifetime and to digitally map real conditions in real time to the digital twin. For validation purpose we use research facilities such as the small wind turbine Krogmann 15-50 of the project partner IALB at the University of Bremen in Bremerhaven and a Senvion 3.4 MW turbine of the University of Bremen, which is operated by the project partner Deutsche WindGuard.

More informations at: https://www.brementestturbine.science/