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Optimal design of wind energy converters and its components require close cooperation between load simulation and structural analysis.

Within a given project, structural analyses are an important element of simulation. The specific task defines the means.

Depending on your requirements and in cooperation with you we analyze and optimize parts and provide numerical or/and analytical structural analyses, and, if requested, support you during the whole certification process. In addition, we perform simulation of failure and fracture-mechanics analyses. Also here we rely on our long-term experience in analyzing and simulating components of wind turbines. Naturally, we use the latest research results and state-of-the-art methods.

Our notion of the complete wind turbine system is a particular advantage for our customers. We are able, from analyzing, e.g., particular parts, to critically examine the influence of external loads and, in case, make suggestions to prevent or reduce upcoming problems already during the development phase. In this context we are also able to derive loads for specific components from simulated of measured loads. Finite element simulations are performed with the software tool ANSYS®.