October 2020

Windrad Engineering virtually participated in the RENEW 2020 conference in Portugal to present a concept of a scalable hybrid micro grid for offshore oil and gas platforms using floating wind turbines.
Offshore Oil and Gas platforms mostly utilize gas or diesel generators to produce reliable energy. As a step towards low carbon economy, Offshore Wind Energy is studied to reduce dependency on these fired turbomachinery. Since Malaysian Offshore Oil and Gas platforms are mostly situated in water depths deeper than 50 m, floating offshore wind turbine is considered. Floating offshore wind technology has roots on well-known platform designs from the Oil and Gas industry. However, specific solutions adaptations are required since floating platforms are expensive whilst floating offshore wind solution is cost driven. Furthermore, there is a need for high dynamic stability. Therefore, the fully coupled analysis (aero-hydro-servo-elastic simulations) developed by WINDRAD Engineering has been utilized to analyze the complete system dynamically. This study will focus on GICON’s tension leg platform and ELEON’s single-sided supported direct drive wind turbine. The concept of hybrid micro grid is introduced as part of the bigger picture of energy transition towards low carbon technologies.