Simulation of realistic loads is a central ingredient of a wind turbine development. We are able to deduce a virtual numerical model of your wind turbine and to perform load calculations according to all presently effective guidelines. We are also able to support you during the certification process. In this context we rely on our ample notion on the simulation of diverse wind turbines for onshore as well as offshore sites.

The load simulation will be meaningfully post-processed for further use. Particular software tools for evaluation and presentation of simulated loads are developed in-house and will be further adjusted, if needed.

We perform our load calculation with generally accepted, up-to-date aeroelastic simulation codes that are adjusted in-house to fulfill the continuously increasing requirements. In case the present state-of-the-art is not sufficient for a specific problem we are able to further develop the code or find alternatives.




Load calculation includes:

  • Onshore, offshore load calculation and assessment
  • Number of Blades: 2,3,4, and more
  • Horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines
  • Downwind and upwind turbines
  • Power from few kW to 6.5 MW
  • Rotor diameter from 4 m to 150 m
  • Guidelines: IEC 61400, GL2010, DNVGL, DIBt, and local requirements
  • Small wind turbines, aeroelastisc simulation and analytical calculations
  • Tubular steel towers, lattice towers, hybrid towers
  • Foundation types
    • onshore such as raft, pile
    • fixed offshore such as monopile, tripile, jacket, tripod
    • floating offshore
  • Effects of earth quakes on wind turbine loads for following areas: Europe, China, Japan