Measurements on wind turbines constitute important means in order to compare design loads with reality and analyse problems (e.g. vibrations); in particular, if it comes with simulations as this is the case for our approach. This way measurements and simulation represent an important way to optimize the turbine performance. Because of our wide experience in simulation and measurements we are able to specify and realize relevant measurements.

An important part of measurements is the meaningful and target-oriented analysis which is included in our measurement projects.  Smaller projects are usually conducted by ourselves whereas large tests are conducted with companies specialized on wind trubine measurements.


These pictures show a dynamical blade test in India. It was designed and conducted by Windrad Engineering and evaluated in close cooperation with the accredited laboratory.

Another working field is  the development of custom-fit measurement devices. Windrad Engineering strongly supports customers by developing concepts and realizing proper software, examples are

  • Measurement of rotor imbalance
  • Tower frequency measurements
  • Development and simulation of shock scenarios relevant for protection

For analysing data, in particular in the context of performance problems of the wind turbine, Windrad Engineering supports and accompanies measurement projects. Some maybe field projects or on a test stand. In any case Windrad Engineering delivers accurate results to support customers by interpreting their measurements in a significant fashion, e.g., use of LIDAR systems.