In order to achive a smooth development of a complete turbine or components thereof compliant to any wind energy guideline we suggest a timely adjustment of the project to the guideline chosen. Windrad Engineering offers a competent handling of all relevant guidelines and is able to support you in all belongings concerning certification, so that there are no unnecessary deviations or time loss.

Besides the dominating guidelines IEC 61400 and GL 2010 we have a profound inside into the guidelines of local markets such as DIBt 2012 in Germany, TAPS in India and other peculiarities of other regions concerning e.g. codes or earth quakes.

Selection of our Service

  • Complete documentation for certification of a wind turbine
  • Support for continued operation of wind turbines, analytical assessment of site specific life time and of possible design changes (such as higher tower height)
  • Re-Certification of existing turbines including strength improvement, if necessary, i.e. retrofit
  • Renewal of certification after change of design or components (e.g. larger rotor, controller)
  • Site specific calculations and related certification


Quality managment

Windrad Engineering supports customers to qualify and secure their process chain, e.g., by qualifying suppliers. Besides standard topics like quality, experience, and reliabilty, we also consider management of interfaces important. Since wind energy is an interdisciplinary busines, finally, all parts, i.e., systems, components, and functions have to match. Windrad Engineering keeps track for you.