Competent and reliable project development

Windrad Engineering GmbH has proven competence and innovative capacaty in more than 300 projects for almost 50 customers world wide.
Our projects are as complex as the working field is interdisciplinary. From small wind turbines with few Kilowatt upto multi Megawatt Offshore projects we assist you in turning wind into power.

We also support our customers by realizing their own projects in other topics, such as design of measuring devisces, data analysis, custom taylored software, design and structural analysis. Some examples of such projects are

·         LIDAR assisted yaw control
·         LIDAR assisted gust recognition and load reduction
·         Innovative tower design
·         Detailling of design
·         Optimization of loads


RRB Energy 


PS1800 is a wind turbine developed for RRB Energy with hydraulic pitch and 1.8 MW rated power and rotor diameter of 84 m. The main drive consists of a two bearing solution with a hanging gear box.


DurAn GeoHo 


GeoHo 2.0 MW is a wind turbine with electrical pitch and 93 m rotor diameter, three-point solution for the drive train with a gear box. The design is utilized by GeoHo. Most components are delivered by chinese suppliers.