Yield increase

Optimization potential basically exists for each wind turbine at a given location. By considering the actual site parameters as compared to design classes, control and yawing can be improved and hence the full potential can be exploited. Optimization is particularly worthwhile when reinstalling a used wind turbine. Some possibilities are:

  • Adjustment of operation and control (examples are retrofitting, LIDAR, …)
  • Increase of tower height
  • Rotor blade modifications (applications, serrations, blade extension, …)

Continued operation

Objective for assessment of continued operation is to estimate the remaining service life time. At the end of the design lifecycle, we provide an assessment in accordance with the accepted principles (e.g. of German Association of Wind Energy) and/or local guidelines as a summary expert report that follows a two-step process:

  • Determination of the remaining service life
  • Assessment of technical condition


Independent advice on the choice of wind turbines and the evaluation of manufacturer information for a chosen site can be provided.

Load analysis and structural safety

We consider the layout of a wind farm with focus on loads and assessment of structural stability under the influence of other
wind turbines (turbulence effects).