December 2014

New R&D project on power electronics approved by BMWi

„Manufacturer independent retro fitting and evaluation of life time consumption for power electronics of wind energy converters with doubly fed induction generators” (WEA-Retrofit) is the approximate translation of a project’s title that will be conducted by Windrad Engineering together with ForWind – Center for Wind Energy Research at the University of Bremen and other industrial partners.
The objective of this project is to increase life time power electronics utilized in wind energy converters and improve on damage prediction of power electronic components. This way a predictive maintenance schedule could be realized. In addition, methods will be developed to implement new ancillary services systems on “older” (>10 years) wind energy converters. Since Dec. 2014 this joint project is supported by a grant of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie).